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November 21, 2017

Question: Are there any requirements for a company to provide legal notices in languages other than English for employees who do not speak English?

Answer: The Department of Labor provides many legal notices and posters in multiple languages but some posters are available only in English.
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Health Insurance Provider Fee – It’s Back

Question: What is the Health Insurance Provider Fee? When does it apply and who has to pay it?

Answer: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes several fees and taxes on different types of health plans. One of those is the Health Insurance Provider (HIP) Fee, which first took effect in 2014. …
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Holiday Party Liability

Question: At our upcoming company holiday party, alcohol will be purchased by employees and not supplied by the company. Are we still liable if an employee gets into an accident or injures someone as a result of drinking?

Answer: The liabilities remain. The employer is the sponsor of the event and therefore has a level of accountability for the amount of alcohol consumed at the event and the safety of the guests…
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Personal Car for Business Use

Question: If an outside salesperson uses his own car for business purposes and gets into a car accident, is the company required to cover the cost of damages?

Answer: The answer depends on your corporate policy regarding the authorized use of personal vehicles and the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident…
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Creating a Social Responsibility Policy

Question: One of our new employees asked about our corporate social responsibility policy. Do you have any advice or best practices for creating one?

Answer: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies are not new but are gaining momentum as employers work towards building their employment (and corporate) brand to do good work and support local communities…
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