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Many companies offer benefits to attract and retain employees, and need a trusted partner to help do this effectively. At Ardent Solutions, we ensure your benefit plan is a positive investment of your time and money. We develop a customized benefit strategy based on your internal goals, and leverage our extensive service offerings to meet your long-term objectives. Our strategies, services and personalized attention produce better outcomes for our clients.
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Employee Benefit Plans

We provide your business with a customized benefit plan to fit the unique needs of your company and industry. Ardent Solutions partners with you to ensure you can continue to provide affordable benefits plans to your employees. We use various resources to benchmark your benefits and costs, ensuring you have the right plan at the right price.



We work with your company to streamline your increasing administrative workload, and help employees better understand, appreciate and use their benefits. By simplifying the enrollment and communication process with your employees, you are able to spend more time on other important factors affecting your business.
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As your workforce changes, so should your processes. We evaluate and implement custom technology solutions that allow you to keep up with the emerging improvements to HR administration, payroll, and benefit organization. By leveraging technology effectively, you’re able to save time on administrative tasks and devote more attention to your greatest assets — employees who move your company forward.
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Data Analytics

We analyze many different pieces of data, including claims utilization, industry, demographics, location, and networks, to understand your situation and develop a plan to get you to where you want to be. We leverage multiple data sources and independent actuarial models to provide you with actionable data. By taking advantage of our resources and processes, you’ll see better renewals and be able to predict future costs more accurately.
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With the many legislative changes throughout the past years, we understand complying with these dynamic regulations has become a growing concern for employers — so at Ardent Solutions, we integrate compliance into your overall benefit strategy. We’ll evaluate your current adherence to applicable laws, take corrective measures if necessary and provide you with peace of mind in knowing your business is on the right track. As new changes arise and laws are updated, we make sure you have the information you need to keep up with the changing landscape.
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