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HR Best Practices Newsletter

August 8, 2017

Question of the Month: I received an order for an adult name change for one of our employees from the local county court. My understanding is a new Social Security card is needed when an employee has a name change. Should I accept the court order?


The August Hot Topics Issue

August 3, 2017

If you believe people skills are important (and the research shows they are), what can you do about it? Get a clear definition of these “soft skills” and concrete ideas for how to foster your own people skills.


Legal and Compliance News

August 1, 2017

Question of the Month: We have an employee whose employment authorization document (EAD) expires this week. I told him we need to reverify before then, but he hasn’t received his new EAD from the immigration office. What do we do if he doesn’t have his authorization before it expires?


Top Questions and Answers Newsletter

July 18, 2017


Question: Now that the weather is warmer, one of our employees has begun to dress inappropriately for work. Her clothes are becoming more revealing and she has worn flip flops several times. What are our options? Can we send her home to change and, if so, do we have to pay her for that time?