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Top Questions and Answers Newsletter

February 20, 2018


Question: An employee confided to our HR department about an incident that made her uncomfortable, where her supervisor made a comment about her skirt. How should we handle this?


February HR Best Practices Newsletter

February 13, 2018

Question: Some of our staff members are traveling for a conference. Our expense policy requires employees to share a hotel room, but some of the staffers are insisting on their own room. Is our policy valid?


The February Trending HR Topics Issue

February 6, 2018

When we think of discrimination, we usually think of two (or more) people on opposite sides of some proverbial fence, which makes it a little surprising when those aren’t the facts. This case may help broaden your view of what constitutes discriminatory behavior in the workplace.

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Legal and Compliance News

February 6, 2018

Question: Our company is considering adopting a paid family leave program for employees. I think I read something indicating paid family leave was addressed in the tax bill that passed late last year. Is that true?