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January 10, 2018

Question: One of our newer employees (she’s been with us only six months) just asked for a raise. One issue is that she was hired near the top of the salary range for her position, and while she’s a great employee, we feel giving her a raise now is not an option. How should we approach her request?

Answer: First, schedule time to talk with your employee about her request. Listen to her reasons to better understand her perspective and needs. You may learn that when she accepted the salary six months ago, she believed that the job would be smaller in terms of responsibilities and workload. Or you may learn that she has been approached by one of your competitors and has been offered a similar job with higher compensation. This conversation may determine how you handle the pay request.
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7 Steps to Start the New Year Off Right

While New Year’s resolutions may seem daunting and often get cast aside before the first month of the new year is even over, there are still valid reasons for making them. Here are some ideas for workplace resolutions you might actually stick to in 2018 (hint: make them fun!).

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Weird Job Titles Like “Rockstar” “Guru” and “Ninja” Are On the Rise

If your next employee needs to be a rockstar or a genius, why not advertise for that? While some companies consider these kitschy titles gimmicky, or just plain unprofessional, others are finding them to attract just the right kind of candidate and are using them in recruiting. Would you?
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How America’s Sexual Harassment Reckoning Affects All Workplaces

Harvey Weinstein brought to light a disturbing, but not surprising, fact about the American workplace. Moving into 2018, sexual harassment is more on the minds of HR leaders and businesses than ever before. A panel of experts discusses next steps, and how employers can build an organizational culture that shuns harassing behavior.
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The Best Business and Leadership Books of 2017

We love a good read and suspect that you do, too. Here’s a list of books some of us missed last year, including an exploration of the science behind success, a look at “toxic tech,” guidance for employers on dealing with employee grief, and career tips for oddballs, among others.
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