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February HR Best Practices Newsletter

February 13, 2018

Question: Some of our staff members are traveling for a conference. Our expense policy requires employees to share a hotel room, but some of the staffers are insisting on their own room. Is our policy valid?

Answer: There are no laws that specifically prohibit a company from having such a policy. The assumption is that most employers who implement such a policy do so for budgetary reasons. However, your policy should outline the specifics of business travel in your company. Further, it should be included in your handbook and should be clearly communicated to employees before travel. In addition, the policy should apply uniformly to all employee travel, and not just to certain departments.
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Marijuana in the Workplace — A Hazy Subject

Marijuana regulations are rapidly changing, keeping both employers and lawmakers on their toes. With expanding legislation legalizing medical and recreational marijuana spreading across the country, what used to be a clear workplace policy enforced by HR and safety managers — zero tolerance — is becoming hazier.
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Workforce Diversity: A State of the Union

Workforce diversity isn’t a new topic — it’s been more than a buzzword in workplaces for several decades. But, where are we with our diversity efforts in 2018, and why does diversity still matter? Here is some essential background and a look at where diversity in the workplace stands now.

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Are You Asking Your Candidates the Right Questions?

Hiring the right candidate is costly enough, but hiring the wrong one racks up an even bigger bill. Amazon knows a thing or two about hiring, and this article culls some of the more interesting interview questions candidates say they’ve been asked, like “what’s peculiar about you?”

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A Management Formula for Every Workplace

We hope our managers are all in it for the right reasons: to build and empower their employees to get the job done. But it’s not always the case, and many a manager falls flat, or worse, grows teams that don’t deliver. Here’s a formula managers can use to be successful and deliver.

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