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Compare your company’s benefits package with thousands of employers.

Benchmarking Surveys

When was the last time you did a formal comparison of your benefits package to your industry and other area businesses? Would you like to see how your benefits compare to other employers on a local and national level?

Each year, we invite all mid-market employers to take our benefits benchmarking survey, and their time yields a complimentary comprehensive benchmarking report. This survey is conducted by an independent third party actuarial firm that encompasses thousands of employers from across the country. The survey is electronic, takes 30-60 minutes to complete, and the information is confidential and will not be shared with outside parties.

All participants who complete the survey will receive a FREE individual custom report detailing the local and national survey results and where they fall in the results spectrum.

View the 2018 Benefits Benchmarking Survey Instructions >>

The Content Covers
  • Local and national participants
  • Benefits plan designs, premiums, and contributions
  • Employer cost control strategies and future trends
  • Wellness and disease management strategies

To request a copy of our past survey results, contact us.

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